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Marcus Losack is an author, publisher, pilgrimage leader and teacher, who has a special interest in and experience of Celtic and Desert Spirituality.  He has recently published two significant new books on Saint Patrick, following four years extensive reading and research. For more than a thousand years, Saint Patrick's place of origins  and therefore his real identity, has remained a mystery. Now at last perhaps something of the truth has been revealed. St Patrick's 'homeland' and the place where he was taken captive, can now be securely identified in Brittany, France.  Compelling new evidence confirms that the estate owned by St Patrick's father, Calpurnius probably existed on or close to the ancient site where Chateau Bonaban is now located, on the north west coast of Brittany between St Malo, Dol de Bretagne and Mont St Michel.  

A new translation of St Patrick's writings has been published, challenging the established tradition that St Patrick was taken captive from Britain. St Patrick's life changed history but much of the so called 'history' that we have learned about him - appears to have changed his story. In the light of these intriguing new revelations, we are invited to understand an even greater mystery. St Patrick's life and our lives, his story and our story, are inextricably intertwined. Time alone will tell how scholars will react to these proposals but one thing is certain - the established tradition regarding St Patrick's place of origins and identity has now been seriously challenged. The one thing that has always been missing in efforts to identify the true location of St patrick's 'Bannavem Tiburniae' is compellling local historical and geographical evidence.  This evidence has now been provided.

Céile Dé is the name of an eighth century spiritual reform movement in Ireland which sought a return to the teachings of Christianity exemplified by the Desert Mothers and Fathers  in Egypt, which flowered in Western Europe through the conduit of St Martin of Tours, the writings of John Cassian and the lives of the Celtic Saints.

In Gaelic ‘Ceile De’ means ‘companion of God’, 'spouse of God'  or ‘together with God’ in the sense of being together with God in a three-fold way, within ourselves, with others and with the whole of creation, including times past, present and future.

Welcome to this website. If you wish to find out more about these  books and engage with Marcus as a teacher or plan a pilgrimage to visit sacred sites associated with the Celtic Tradition in Ireland, Scotland, Wales or Brittany, this is the place for you. Enter with joyfulness to share the quest for the truth and understanding. God has circled this place on a map, just for you!


*Céile Dé is the registered trading name of Marcus Losack.


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