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Céile Dé is the name of an eighth century spiritual reform movement in Ireland which sought a return to the original teachings of St Patrick and Early Celtic Christianity and was greatly influenced by the Desert Spiritual Tradition in Egypt and the Middle East, which flowered in Western Europe through the conduit of St Martin of Tours, the writings of John Cassian and the lives of the Celtic Saints.

In Gaelic Ceile De means ‘companion of God’, 'spouse of God'  or ‘together with God’ in the sense of being together with God in a three-fold way within ourselves, with others and with the whole of creation.This includes a sense of being together on a journey in the mystery of time - past, present and future. We approach our Celtic Pilgrimages with open hearts and minds to rediscover the treasures of the Celtic Spiritual Tradition, visiting the historic and ancient sacred sites as pilgrims ready to learn and be transformed and enriched by daily prayers and reflections, story telling, music and guest presentations. We are as pilgrims on a shared journey together and we invite you to travel with us.

Marcus Losack is a pilgrimage manager, author and teacher who designs and facilitates pilgrimages to the ancient and sacred sites associated with the Celtic Tradition in Ireland and Brittany. Marcus has more than twenty years experience of leading pilgrimages for adults and J2A - Journey to Adulthood youth groups. He is co-author of the book "Glendalough - A Celtic Pilgrimage" published by Columba Press (Classics, 2014) and has recently published three new books on Saint Patrick, following four years extensive reading and research. This includes "Rediscovering Saint Patrick - A New Theory of Origins" (Columba Press , Dublin, 2013 and "Saint Patrick and the Bloodline of the Grail - the Untold Story of Patrick's Royal family" (Ceile De, Annamoe, 2013). An historic and new translation of St Patrick's Letters is scheduled for publication in March, 2015. A new pilgrimage has now been developed, starting with visits to the ancient sites associated with Patrick in Northern Ireland and the Republic then crossing over by ferry to Brittany (overnight crossings with private cabins). If you feel called to join us in September 2015 to be part of the adventure of a pioneering pilgrimage, please contact us via email marcuslosack@gmail.com or see "Pilgrimages and Events" in the menu above for details.

Welcome to this website. If you wish to find out more and engage with Marcus as a teacher and Conference Facilitator or to plan a pilgrimage and visit sites associated with the Celtic Tradition in Ireland, Scotland, Wales or Brittany, this is the place for you.

*Céile Dé is the registered trading name of Marcus Losack.

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