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Rediscovering Saint Patrick - A New Theory of Origins (Paperback)

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Captured from his home by pirates when he was a teenager, sold into slavery in Ireland, Patrick escaped only to return years later as Ireland’s famous Apostle and now the world’s most celebrated Patron Saint... But did St Patrick come to Ireland from Britain - or Brittany? This book is the fruit of a four year quest for evidence to support a Chateau's claim to fame. It combines a detailed and scholarly historical inquiry with storytelling genius.The reader is invited to embark on a sacred quest, entering a labyrinth of legend and tradition to share in the adventure of an exciting, historic discovery. Step by step, as the journey unfolds, we are drawn into an even greater mystery. St Patrick's life and our lives, his story and our story - are inextricably intertwined.


"Rediscovering Saint Patrick - A New Theory of Origins" Columba Press, 2013. 272 pp Paperback. First published 2013. Signed copies are available on request when purchased via the Céile Dé website. The book is also available directly from the publisher, Columba Press www.columba.ie or Amazon.com. Also available as ebook and kindle.


Saint Patrick and the Bloodline of the Grail - The Untold Story of St Patrick's Royal Family (Paperback)

€ 30 


In this book, the author continues an historic and courageous investigation into the origins of St Patrick and the significance of his family's royal status. Loosening the ropes that bind us to a traditional historical enquiry, the reader is invited to enter the deeper and more dangerous seas of legend and uncertainty that surround St Patrick's story. Was St Patrick's father, Calpurnius, really a 'Scottish' prince?  According to the early Breton historians, the family migrated from Strathclyde to Brittany and two of St Patrick's sisters were founding members of the Breton aristocracy, established at the time of the Emperor Magnus Maximus in 385 CE. Another tradition records that St Patrick's ancestors were Jewish; they left Jerusalem in 70 CE when the Second Temple was destroyed by Titus and settled in Armoric Britain (Brittany). If St Patrick's family was closely related to the ancient Royal Houses of Scotland, Wales and Brittany as well as the progenitors of the Merovingian Dynasty - then St Patrick may have been related to the most controversial royal family of them all - the holy lineage of Jesus, King David, and the so called "Bloodline of the Grail".


Paperback First Edition (2011). 176 pages with footnotes and genealogical tables. Signed copies available on request at no extra cost when the book is purchased through the Céile Dé website. 


The Letters of Saint Patrick

€ 25 

This is an historic and inspiring, new translation of Saint Patrick's two Letters, including the Confession and Letter to King Coroticus. For the first time in the long history of Patrician Studies, the Latin phrase "in Britanniis" which describes the location of St Patrick's homeland, is translated as Brittany rather than Britain. This is based on acceptance of the fact that Brittany was known as "Britanniis" or "Britannia" at the time of the rebellion of Magnus Maximus, who ruled as Emperor of the West from 383-389 CE, and following a strategic settlement of the ancient Britons in that region, known to the Romans as Armorica.  

St Patrick's Letters are unique historical documents that reflect St Patrick's strong sense of faith, courage and perseverence as well as his deep spirituality and holiness. Written in the fifth century, they continue to inspire and encourage the pilgrim heart and soul in every generation. 


This translation into English from the original Latin texts is by John Luce, former Professor of Classics at Trinity College Dublin, adapted and revised by Marcus Losack. The book begins with an extensive and informative Preface and includes Historical Background Charts and some beautiful colour photographs of St Patrick, taken from stained glass windows. This book is scheduled for publication in early March, 2015. ORDER NOW for delivery by March 31st or as soon as possible thereafter. Signed copies are available on request and at no extra cost, when the book is purchased through the Céile Dé website, at www. ceilede.net (books). 


Glendalough - A Celtic Pilgrimage (Columba Classics 2014)

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This is a detailed, inspiring and informative spiritual guidebook for those who wish to visit or explore the famous monastic ruins in the sacred valley of Glendalough and the legends that surround its founder, St Kevin, a sixth-century Irish saint. It is an essential read for those who wish to understand and experience Glendalough as a sacred place of pilgrimage that continues to attract and inspire visitors today because of the mysterious, natural beauty and extensive monastic ruins.This book has now been republished in hardback and included by Columba Press in their new and exclusive "Columba Classics" series. Illustrated by Natalie Connolly, with a forward by Esther de Waal. Signed copies are available on request, when the book is purchased through the Ceile De website. 


"Glendalough- A Celtic Pilgrimage" Michael Rodgers and Marcus Losack, "Columba Classics", 2014. Hardcover, 139 pages. This book is also available directly from the publishers www.columba.ie; amazon.com. Marcus Losack's books can also be ordered through any good bookstore.


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